Sami Village

This quiet little town with its 1.000 inhabitants bursts to life during the summer when its population almost triples. It has lots of shops for all your daily needs, a post office, ATM, pharmacy and a First Aid Centre. You will also find car rental companies and tourist offices that organize excursions by boat or bus.

Along the waterfront one finds souvenir shops, restaurants and cafeterias. Its beach, with sand and small pebbles, attracts many visitors from the entire island. For those who wish to explore other beaches in the area we recommend the beautiful beaches of Antisamos, Agia Paraskevi and the famous Myrtos. Along the coast between Karavomilos and Agia Efimia one finds many hidden small beaches, where with a little luck one can be all alone.

Also worthwhile visiting is the underground lake of Melissani, which is one of the major attractions of the island, as well as the cave of Drogarati , at 3 km., from Sami. It is very well possible to explore the area by foot, making short or longer walks through the mountains and the villages nearby, some of them deserted years ago.

Horseback riding, donkey trekking, diving and sailing are some of the activities offered in the area of Sami.

It is also possible to rent a boat to explore the island by sea yourself.

Sami is a small seaside town at the east part of Kefalonia. Its location is unique, as it is embraced from one side by the deep blue gulf of Sami , and from the other side by mountains with all shades of green.



Melissani, one of the major attractions of Kefalonia, is an underground lake in Karavomilos. Visitors can make a tour of the cave in a small boat and admire the wonderful colours of the water, caused by the sunlight that enters the cave as part of the roof has collapsed.

In ancient years the cave was a place of cult of the god Pan. The cave probably took its name after the nymph Melissanthi, who killed herself in the lake as Pan did not correspond to her love for him.

A clay idol of Pan and a clay disk representing nymphs that were found during excavations in1963, are on exhibition in the Archaeological Museum of Kefalonia in Argostoli.


The Cave of Drogarati is located 3 km from Sami, in the region of Haliotata in Kefalonia.

Its entrance is at an altitude of 120 meters and its depth reaches 95 meters, while its temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. It has been explored by the Hellenic Speleological Society.

It is considered one of the most suitable caves in Greece for speleotherapy. Its hall is very large (65 x 45 and approximately 20 meters high) and has excellent acoustics. For this reason, important concerts have been held here, such as M. Faradouris and the treble Ef. Karajanni.

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